Jquery plugins help build better grid styled layouts

On 1 May, 2012 in Javascript with Comments
perfect grid styled layout with Jquery plugin

Making grid styled layout is easy, until there is no scope for content growth.If we still try to make one, it will look something like this.


Don’t get me wrong i am talking about css 2 not css 3. In css 3 we can make grid layout, but it won’t support all browsers.So, i am not gonna talk about css 3

The solution, i found is a JQuery plugin which generates dynamic css to align grids using position:absolute.There are two plugins, which will generate grids for us. I won’t specifically suggest one because each one got their own specialty.

Desandro Masonry Jquery plugin

Is developed by David DeSandro. its better documented

Wookmark jQuery plugin

This plugin is from a social networking site called Wookmark. which, has similar UI like pintrest

After implementation, it will look something like this

Grid layout after jquery

We are looking forward to write a tutorial on this topic. if we have missed something please let us know.

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