Install Nginx on Cpanel WHM based server

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We had problem with installing Nginx webserver on cpanel based server then we found some plug-in which are Nginx Admin and Cpanel Nginx Cpanel Nginx is a paid plugin, which we are not using.Nginx Admin is a free Plug-in for cpanel WHM which we are using and it’s a good plug-in to make your cpanel based server blazing fast.

Nginx as Reverse proxy to APACHE on cpanel WHM

Now we will start installing Nginx Admin a free Nginx Reverse proxy plugin for cpanel WHM. First step download the plug-in form the latest version will be available in the url. Use the below code to download plug-in to server
Now untar the compressed plug-in which we downloaded. Use the below code to untar ‘nginxadmin.tar’ file
tar xf nginxadmin.tar
After Untar nginxadmin.tar file we will see ‘publicnginx’ directory enter into ‘publicnginx’ using the below code.
cd publicnginx
We can find plug-in files in the ‘publicnginx’ directory run below code to install the Nginx Admin plug-in.
./nginxinstaller install
As shown in the above picture Nginx admin is installed successfully.

Uninstall Nignx admin

Enter into directory where Nginx admin is untar and use the Below code will uninstall Nginx Admin
./nginxinstaller uninstall
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